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Activities for lockdown learning: episode 6


Amnesty International highlights five inspirational young women of colour fighting climate change around the world.  

Ugandan climate youth activist Vanessa Nakate speaks to Democracy Now! about the effect of the climate emergency on Uganda. Nakate fought for inclusion of black voices in climate action after she was cropped out of a photo with climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Wretched of the Earth is a grassroots collective of indigenous, black & brown climate activists. Temperature Check is their new series of Instragram live talks suitable for young people.

Vanessa Nakate – Ugandan climate youth activist

Learning & unlearning
for all ages

We are never too young or old to learn about race.
This article addresses Talking Race With Young Children and you can find a comprehensive list of anti-racism educational resources in this googledoc.

Black Lives Matter at School (US organisation) has a downloadable creative activity pack about Black Lives Matter Principles.

Summer Goal:
Read a factual book that educates you about racism and a fiction book that can make you imagine ‘what if?’ history and present were different.

For an anti-racism reading list and much more for educators check out WEN Recommends Unlearning.
This article by Layla F Saad discusses some anti-racist books for children and teens.

Watch… a 3 min animation answering the question ‘What is intersectionality?’

Listen to…Black Nature Narratives are podcasts about black perspectives on the natural world.

The Colour Green is a podcast exploring links between climate change, race, nature and social justice from the perspectives of people of colour in the UK. You can listen to Judy Ling Wong, the president of Black Environment Network in conversation with Lola Young.

Summer Action:
Read about and sign this petition to add books that  ‘highlight our current society’s diversity, inequalities and opportunities for change’ to the GCSE reading lists.

The two books that should be included in the GCSE reading list.
Deja Perkins (Twitter @naturallywild__) illustrated for #BlackBirdersWeek CREDIT ILLUSTRATION BY CASEY GIRARD

Connecting with … Black & Asian role models in sustainability and STEM

Aged 19 Daze Aghaji stood as an independent ‘Climate and Ecological Emergency’ candidate in the Member of European Parliament (MEP) elections in 2019. In this film (2 min) she explains why she wants to bring a fresh face to politics and in an interview with Fashion Revolution she talks about fashion’s role in the climate emergency.

Prem Gill is a Polar Explorer. Gill started the group, Polar Impact, an inclusive network of ethnic minorities & allies in the Polar Research community. 

Jessica Watkins, Black American Geologist and NASA astronaut could make the first footprints on Mars. In this interview with SyFy Fangrrls she discusses being a woman in STEM, diversity among astronauts, and her work with the Mars Rover.

May 31 – June 6 was #BlackBirdersWeek. This video by Corina Newsome shows the next generation of black nature enthusiasts “that they are welcome, and that this space belongs to them too. #BirdingWhileBlack. 

Summer Action:
Are you Black? Do you love nature? Post a picture of yourself on twitter in your favourite outdoor place with #BlackInNature

Birdwatch in your own bedroom with #BlackWomenWhoBird @BlackAFInSTEM with the Monterey Bay Aquarium via the Aquarium’s live Aviary Cam!   

Learn about the 17 year old Bristolian youth activist Mya-Rose Craig aka @BirdGirlUK who set up the project Black2Nature in articles from The Bristol Cable and the BBC.

Summer Action:
Get ready to get birding with a short video of BEGINNER Birder Tips by #BlackBirdersWeek organiser Beanie Jean.

Zamzam Ibrahim – President of Students Organising for Sustainability UK and the National Union of Students

Exploring… Environmental movements around the world

The Greenbelt Movement
Professor Wangari Maathai started the Green Belt Movement to help rural Kenyan women whose streams were drying up and had to walk further and further to get firewood. Maathai became the first African woman to receive a Nobel Peace Prize. Watch this video to learn more about Maathai and the movement. 

You can listen to the children’s book Seeds of Change about Wangari Maathai.

Summer action:
In many countries around the world it is traditional to plant a tree on special occasions. Could you plant a tree or something edible to grow on your next birthday?

Standing Rock
The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in the United States have been fighting against an oil pipeline since 2016. This 2 min video tells Stories from Standing Rock of some of the thousands of people, young and old, and members of hundreds of different tribes who protested against completing the pipeline which would desecrate ancestral lands and threaten the water supply. In March 2020 there was a significant victory for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

For younger children –  Young Water Protectors: A Story About Standing Rock is a book by Aslan Tudor, an 8 year old Native American boy who protested at the Oceti Sakowin Camp at Standing Rock. 

Summer reflection:
Would you ever join a protest camp like the one on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation? Describe the issue or event that would motivate you to protest outdoors and around the clock regardless of the weather.

Women planting tree seeds in Kenya
A page from ‘Young Water Protectors’ by Aslan Tudor, an 8 year old Native American boy
Members of Black Rootz at Wolves Lane Community Food Hub

Discover… food growing projects that support local communities of colour

Ian Solomon-Kawall and Randy Mayers developed May Project Gardens in South London to address poverty and disempowerment by providing affordable and collective solutions for people to live more sustainably. This video describes how.

The Ubele Initiative is an African Diaspora led social enterprise with a ‘mission to contribute to the sustainability of the African Diaspora community.’  It helps support Wolves Lane Community Food Hub And Market and Black Rootz, the first multi-generational black led growing project in the UK.

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