Learning for the Future Waltham Forest is a network of people who practice and promote transformative learning to create an equitable future for all.


Together we aim to raise the profile of education and training as a solution to the climate emergency and social injustice.

For individuals and communities, from toddlers to taxi drivers, empowering people through knowledge and skills is vital for building resilience and personal wellbeing for our unpredictable future.

We value connection, collaboration, knowledge-sharing and teamwork; supporting each other’s individual work and working together to bring about change for a flourishing future.


We have submitted a set of recommendations for education and training to the Waltham Forest Climate Emergency Commission.

We are now working on promoting and demonstrating a number of these recommendations including Carbon Literacy training and Youth People’s Assemblies or Summits.

During June and July we are running ‘Climate Conversations with Educators’.

It is a crowdsourced baseline survey of schools attitudes and actions on climate education to build an evidence base about what is happening currently, what educators would like to see and what they think is possible.

It is running until the end of July so if you’d like to get involved perhaps wait until the school hols start and then pester a teacher/ school staff member/ trainer/ lecturer you know!!

This guide explains all about it and has links to an online form to fill in following the interview.

Join us:

Anyone can join Learning for the Future Waltham Forest meetings and/or the GoogleGroup to be part of discussions and receive shared articles, resources etc.
Email poppyflint@gmail.com to get involved.